In Limbo is a unique film experiment that uses 360º video and interactive sound to put you in the centre of a busy mix of characters and stories. Look around and eavesdrop on people’s conversations by moving your iPhone like a camera. Not everyone is what they seem and - as in real life - there is rarely one right way to view a situation. Download it for free.

Some of the people you'll meet in the departure lounge.

In Limbo was conceived by Leo Bridle & Leo Powell as an attempt to create a narrative film in 360º with something to see and hear wherever you look.
Unlike a traditional film there is no main character or single narrative to follow. Instead, the viewer becomes the editor, choosing to focus in on stories or characters that interest them. We believe that 360º video is an incredible medium for telling complex, non-linear stories, particularly with our inclusion of interactive sound which completely changes the experience.

This film is the start of something exciting. We’ve got ideas for several more films that use our bespoke sound and image technology. If you are interested in what we are up to at Full Circle, send us an email or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook

We are super-grateful for the support of the many people and organisations who made this ambitious project possible. Full Credits